One pair of fork tube nuts (specials). These nuts screw directly into the top of the fork tubes, also sometimes referred to as fork tube filler plugs.

These fork tube nuts specials have been made with removable bronze centres, the bronze centre allows you easy access to top up or change the fork oil.

On any models with clock brackets, you are able to do this without disturbing your brackets, avoiding the risk of scratching paint etc.

Part number: 97-4258


These will fit the following BSA models:

A65, A75 (Rocket 3) and B50

These will fit the following Triumph models:

TR5T, 6T, T110, TR6, T120, T150 and T160

These nuts may fit other models but please check your part number.


 This item is made using CNC manufacturing in England by CPC Engineering with high-quality stainless steel.

**Posable back-order product**

Due to high demand, this product stock levels can change rapidly, if ordered and out of stock we will reserve your order from our next batch. The maximum time between batches is two weeks.

97-4258 - Fork tube nuts (special)

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