Here you have one, two-part adjustable Speedometer and rev counter mounting kit.

This has been specially designed by CPC engineering to allow the fitting of reproduction clocks to the standard BSA gold star or rocket gold star clock set-up.

All parts of the kit have been produced from stainless steel which provides outstanding strength and a beautiful finish with virtually no maintenance.

The kit contains follow:

2 X stainless steel horseshoe Brackets

2 X stainless steel bracket risers

This kit was not originally produced by BSA but replaces the original 65-9111 brackets. 

When fitting this kit we recommend you use, flat washers, spring washers, and nyloc nuts. Unfortunately due to the number of variations of thread used on the different reproduction clocks we are unable to provide these.

How it works:

The riser part works in the same way as the original 65-9111 bracket. Lifting the clocks up off the top yoke and mounting plate. They have the same hole spacing and size which allows all the original bolts (65-9179) and rubber washers (15-7383) to still be used. 

The horseshoe bracket clamps to the underside of the clock and on top of the riser part. The brackets slots are 1/4" to allow for a number of different sizes of bolts including M5 and M6 that are common on the reproductions.

Please note this part is supplied unpolished ready for finishing, once polished these come up beautifully.

This item is made using CNC manufacturing in England by CPC Engineering with high-quality steel or stainless steel.

65-9111 - Two part speedometer and rev counter mounting bracket kit

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