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At CPC we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind, UK-based, manufacturing service. We manufacture a wide range of Classic Motorcycle parts and we can also offer you a bespoke manufacturing service tailored to your individual needs. read more in our "about us" section.


Why not send us a detailed drawing or pattern and we will manufacture your part for you in whatever quantities you require. Our email address info@cpcengineering.co.uk or visit our for more info Contact Us


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66-5204 - Steering head dust cap

66-5204 - Steering head dust cap

This cover cover fits on the steering stem covering the top yoke bearing preventing dust and debris entering the bearing.Sitting under the a..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

QD Rear wheel washers CPCQDRW1

QD Rear wheel washers CPCQDRW1

These washers will fit BSA QD rear wheel spindle and dummy shaft, located between the spindle or dummy shaft and frame these washers prevent damage to..

£6.67 Ex Tax: £6.67

97-4258 - Fork tube nuts (special)

97-4258 - Fork tube nuts (special)

One pair of fork tube nuts (specials). These nuts screw directly into the top of the fork tubes, also sometimes referred to as fork tub..

£36.66 Ex Tax: £36.66

67-5561 - 190mm near side bearing cover

67-5561 - 190mm near side bearing cover

One solid bronze wheel bearing retaining ring, some times known as a wheel bearing lock ring. Machined to take the locking pins. These will ..

£18.33 Ex Tax: £18.33